Our mission is to provide responsible gun owners with the highest quality combat proven, reality based professional firearms training and information available in Illinois to help ensure survival of a lethal force encounter physically, psychologically and legally.


United Risk International’s Firearms Training philosophy is based on a simple set of principles:

  • Experienced Personnel

Our personnel are our strength. We employ highly-educated and experienced individuals to provide our clientele with academic level training and professional instruction. Our instructors are friendly, practical and don’t take a “holier than thou” or “my way or the highway” attitude which permeates many firearms instructors.

  • Reality Based

We strive to incorporate our own experience as well of those of the innovators who developed the techniques that we teach. Our instruction is not based on hypothetical principles, competitive sports methodology, or recycled training manuals. Our training methods are constantly evolving, as the threats they are designed to counter evolve. That being said, the techniques we have selected have been combat proven on the street or the battlefield either by our own instructors or the mentors they learned from.

  • Attorney Approved

We do not take lightly our educational responsibilities related to concealed carry laws and legal issues concerning lethal force confrontations. That’s why all of our curriculum concerning legal issues was developed and approved by Illinois licensed legal counsel. In fact, many of these class segments are personally taught by an attorney, to ensure you get accurate, court-defensible information you can count on, the first time. Laws change almost daily in this nation, which is why you can’t afford to risk criminal prosecution because of outdated, inaccurate information.

  • Broad Vision

United Risk International’s Training Division strives to promote safe gun handling and defensive weapons education for all responsible gun owners. We believe in and utilize the methods that we teach; and our objective is to make this critically important knowledge available to responsible firearms owners in Chicago and throughout Illinois. Educated, well trained gun owners  help to preserve our rights and secure our society.

United Risk International – Training Division
Located 15 minutes west of O’Hare International Airport