The Developing Saga of Cook County’s Gun-Totin’ Sheriff

Again, we doubt that Dart was threatened by anyone credible. Ed Burke wasn’t, but he still has a gun, too. One set of rules for them, and another for the serfs… The article also calls Dart a “former lawmaker,” meaning he has little (if any) law enforcement experience, but carries a gun simply because he’s a sheriff – like an aldercreature who can carry a gun by dint of being an elected official – but possibly without completing the mandatory firearms courses. And all you peons who want a gun under the Second Amendment and Concealed Carry laws, well, you aren’t nearly as qualified as a politician says Dart… UPDATE III: Does anyone have a case report specifying the “threats” Dart received? We can’t find anything in the Chicago Data Warehouse with Dart listed as victim. And seeing as how the Sheriff’s Office is in the 50 W. Washington building, there would most likely be a CPD RD# attached to any threats, correct? Does he reside in the burbs or the city?

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