More Lawmakers Speak Out Against Quinn’s Concealed Carry Changes

State Lawmakers respond to Governor Quinn’s changes to the concealed carry bill.

Bill Brady – Senator Bill Brady, a Republican from Bloomington and Republican candidate for Governor, issued the following statement regarding the Governor’s amendatory veto of concealed carry legislation:

“The legislature spent many hours this spring debating concealed carry legislation. There was significant give-and-take from both sides of the issue that led to meaningful bipartisan legislation that ultimately was approved by an overwhelming majority of legislators.

“Governor Quinn’s concepts were considered during that discussion and ultimately did not have the support of a majority of the General Assembly. It is important that the legislature come back and soundly override his veto so that all law-abiding citizens of Illinois enjoy the same right to carry weapons as the citizens of every other state in the nation.”

Bill Daley, Democratic Governor Candidate – “Because Governor Quinn failed to push for changes he made today during the spring session, we have a bad bill without universal background checks or a ban on high capacity magazines, and his amendatory veto stunt likely will not change that at all. Real leaders like Mayor Mike Bloomberg have led on gun safety issues, but Governor Quinn has failed.”

Norine Hammond – State Representative Norine Hammond (R-Macomb) released a brief statement in response to Governor Quinn’s amendatory veto of House Bill 183, a concealed carry proposal passed by the General Assembly earlier this year.

“Once again, Chicago politicians want to force more gun control on responsible gun owners.  The Governor’s actions today take legislation intended to allow law-abiding citizens the ability to carry a firearm for their own protection, and instead turn it around to further restrict an individual’s 2nd Amendment rights.”

“The state of Illinois has a court imposed deadline of July 9th to put in place a system to allow for concealed carry.  I am hopeful the House and Senate will quickly reconvene to override Quinn’s veto and give the citizens of this state the long overdue right to carry a firearm in public for their own safety.”

Dan Brady – State Representative Dan Brady (R-Bloomington) released the following statement today after Governor Quinn used his amendatory veto authority to significantly alter the concealed carry compromise passed overwhelmingly by both the Illinois House and Senate this spring.

“The concealed carry compromise we passed this spring was carefully crafted to strike a balance that protects both the safety of our communities and our Second Amendment right to protect ourselves and our families. The changes the Governor made today destroy that balance. They leave us with a plan that allows for differing firearm rules from community to community that will create confusion, and excessive restrictions that will continue to infringe on Constitutional rights. I expect an override vote in the coming weeks,” Rep. Brady said.



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