Urgent Action Alert – Amendment to Ban Standard Capacity Magazines to be Considered in IL

On May 9, an anti-gun amendment was offered to Senate Bill 1002, turning this bill into another vehicle for gun control.  Sponsored by state Senator Antonio Munoz (D-1), this amendment seeks to ban the possession, purchase, manufacture, sale or delivery of all magazines in Illinois that can hold more than ten rounds of ammunition or that can be readily converted to do this.  Further, Illinois residents would have ninety days to surrender or dispose of any of these magazines they already possess.  In a state that is under court order to enact concealed carry reform laws for the self-defense of its citizens, this restriction on standard capacity magazines is a step in the wrong direction. Although there is an exemption for police officers, there is no exemption for any other armed professionals, such as security officers, private detectives, bank guards, armored car drivers or alarm responders.

By limiting the capacity of rounds in a magazine, state legislators are directly targeting law-abiding gun owners since these magazines are standard for many commonly owned firearms used for self-defense.  Violent criminals are not going to obey a magazine capacity restriction any more than they comply with gun bans or other forms of gun control.  This amendment provides no solution to current crime problems in Illinois and only seeks to further disarm and punish law-abiding citizens.

The drastic potential consequences of the passage of a bill such as this one can be seen in this Public Service Announcement (PSA) posted on YouTube:

It is important that you contact your state senator TODAY and respectfully urge him or her to uphold Illinoisans’ right to self-defense by opposing Amendment 1 to Senate Bill 1002.

Contact information for your state Senator can be found here.

Read the text of the proposed amendment here:


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