Sheriff Debunks AR-15 Fallacies in New ‘Weapons of War’ Video Fact-Check

Earlier this month, TheBlaze brought you Sheriff Ken Campbell of Boone County, Ind., and his viral fact-check about gun safety and capping high-capacity magazine sizes. Following up on his 14-minute video, Campbell is back for a second installment. This time, he addresses claims that “weapons of war have no place on our streets” — a common claim coming from gun control proponents in favor of banning certain semi-automatic rifles like the popular AR-15.

The video opens with text explaining that this quote is faulty, mainly because it ignores the fact that all guns were initially designed for war. If true and applied across the board, it would render all firearms illegal.

After the clip addresses this issue, Campbell asks a question that’s been frequently posed since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting: What is an assault rifle?
Sheriff Ken Campbell of Boone County, Indiana Takes Aim at AR 15 Fallacies, Debunks and Fact Checks Them

Sheriff Ken Campbell of Boone County, Indiana Takes Aim at AR 15 Fallacies, Debunks and Fact Checks Them

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The sheriff then lists the similarities between Mini-14s and AR-15s, noting that the two really only differ in terms of their cosmetic differences. Yet legislation that’s been advanced and proposed has taken aim at the latter and not the former.

Once again, Campbell went on to test out different magazine sizes to show that there is a very minuscule impact on the number of seconds that it takes to simply reload smaller-sized magazines. His point? Cracking down on higher-capacity units will do little in terms of opening up larger windows of time between shots being fired.

Using volunteers named Jim and Christy, he showed viewers how these policies and restrictions would look in practical terms.

“Jim firing one thirty round magazine was 17.11 seconds, three 10 round magazines was 18.55 seconds,” Campbell said. “Christy’s time on the 30-round magazine was 17.25 seconds and with the three 10-round magazines was 25.31 seconds.”

Clearly, there were relatively short windows of time when these individuals changed magazines.

Watch this and plenty more in the clip, below:

In a previous interview with TheBlaze, Campbell made his views about capping high-capacity magazines known (i.e. he’s not a fan).

“By limiting the access to standard magazines…I think you are restricting a good American’s opportunity to protect himself and his family,” the sheriff said.


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