WSJ: Gunning for Chicago

Chicago is having a hard enough time keeping companies from moving to business-friendlier states like nearby Wisconsin and Michigan. Now the city will have to worry about Texas, too.

That was the upshot of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s letter this week to two banks, two firearm manufacturers and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. The Washington Examiner reports that Mr. Emanuel recently suggested that Bank of America BAC -1.96% and TD Bank “revoke the lines of credit they offer to Sturm, Ruger, and Co. and Smith & Wesson, respectively, unless those weapons manufacturers back gun control measures.”

In his letter, the Republican senator told the banks that they might consider relocating to Texas, where the government does not believe in “trying to harass or pressure private companies into enlisting in a political lobbying campaign.” He added: “In light of the reception you have received in the Windy City, please know that Texas would certainly welcome more of your business and the jobs you create.”

Addressing the CEOs of Smith & Wesson and Sturm Ruger, RGR +0.54% Mr. Cruz wrote: “Attempts to put law-abiding gun makers out of business hardly qualify as ‘modest common-sense gun control’ . . .. Should Mayor Emanuel’s bullying campaign prove successful, I am confident there are numerous financial institutions in Texas that would be eager to earn your business.”

Finally, Mr. Cruz turned his attention to the Democratic mayor of Chicago. “[Y]our city’s longstanding policies stripping citizens of their constitutional right to keep and bear arms have, in turn, produced some of the very highest crime and murder rates in the nation,” wrote the senator. “Your continued anti-gun crusade may well cause some to wonder if the interests of the citizens of Chicago are being sacrificed in pursuit of a partisan agenda.”


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