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These Firearms Manufacturers Represent The Top Competition For The Army’s New Handgun

These likely contenders could create some fierce competition for the Army’s XM17 Modular Handgun System. Earlier this month, the Army updated its notice for the Modular Handgun System that is slated to find a replacement for the M9 pistol currently in service. The official request for proposals now dubs the prototype weapon the XM17, and […]

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No, the Supreme Court’s Marriage Ruling Doesn’t Mean All States Must Recognize Each Others’ Gun Carry Permits

The logic may lean that way, but we can’t be sure the Court values the Second Amendment’s application that strongly. Brian Doherty – Some gotcha logic at the expense of gay marriage fans who are presumed to not be Second Amendment lovers is circulating around the gun-rights Internet, claiming that the Supreme Court’s decision […]

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With 39 killed in Tunisia attack, the top three mass public shootings, 9 of the worst 13, are outside the United States

After the Charleston massacre, President Obama made this comment: “the unique mayhem that gun violence afflicts upon this nation.” The three worst public mass shootings and nine of the worst 13 public mass shootings occurred outside the US. Of these cases, nine occurred in developed or “advanced” countries. The worst public mass shooting are as […]

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