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State Department Hypocracy in the Security Clearance Process

After some years of being involved in overseas security contracting, primarily in the middle east, I have spoken with alot of security contractors. Most of them come from military backgrounds, and most of the opportunities were for U.S. State Department Security Contracts in support of embassy and diplomatic protection efforts in hostile countries. So as […]

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Response to “Contrary Revolvers: Why I Hate Revolvers” (by C.R. Williams 5/21/2013) USCCA online  I am not angry with Mr. Williams for writing an article contrary to revolvers, because I do not have an inhibiting emotional, egotistical or nostalgic attachment to revolvers. In fact, I carry a Glock as my primary weapon when I am on duty. But I do feel the need to respond to some […]

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Supporters say IL concealed carry bill won’t be stopped

PEORIA — Gov. Pat Quinn’s amendatory veto of the concealed carry legislation is expected to be nothing more than a speed bump, according to some local supporters of the bill. Quinn sent down the bill Tuesday morning after inserting some stricter gun control provisions into the legislation to be considered by the General Assembly. Those […]

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More Lawmakers Speak Out Against Quinn’s Concealed Carry Changes

State Lawmakers respond to Governor Quinn’s changes to the concealed carry bill. Bill Brady – Senator Bill Brady, a Republican from Bloomington and Republican candidate for Governor, issued the following statement regarding the Governor’s amendatory veto of concealed carry legislation: “The legislature spent many hours this spring debating concealed carry legislation. There was significant give-and-take […]

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