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URGENT ALERT – YOUR IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED CULLERTON TO INTRODUCE NEAR TOTAL GUN BAN ON JANUARY 2nd The ISRA has learned from a credible source that Illinois Senate President John Cullerton will introduce a so called “assault weapons” ban on Wednesday when the legislature returns for its “lame duck” session.  Cullerton hopes to ramrod the […]

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List of 16 mass shootings stopped by Armed Citizens

The fine folks at the Gun Watch blog have compiled a list of mass shootings over the years that have been stopped or minimized due to intervention from armed citizens. As usual, you will not see this reported anywhere in the mainstream media. Mass Killings Stopped by Armed Citizens There are several documented cases where […]

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Mainstream media blacks out CCW holder interventions in mass shootings

It must be acknowledged that many mass shooting attacks today unfortunately take place in pretend “gun-free zones,” such as schools, movie theaters and shopping malls. According to Ron Borsch’s study for the Force Science Research Center at Minnesota State University-Mankato, active shooters are different from the gangsters and other street toughs whom a police officer […]

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