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These Firearms Manufacturers Represent The Top Competition For The Army’s New Handgun

These likely contenders could create some fierce competition for the Army’s XM17 Modular Handgun System. Earlier this month, the Army updated its notice for the Modular Handgun System that is slated to find a replacement for the M9 pistol currently in service. The official request for proposals now dubs the prototype weapon the XM17, and […]

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No, the Supreme Court’s Marriage Ruling Doesn’t Mean All States Must Recognize Each Others’ Gun Carry Permits

The logic may lean that way, but we can’t be sure the Court values the Second Amendment’s application that strongly. Brian Doherty – Some gotcha logic at the expense of gay marriage fans who are presumed to not be Second Amendment lovers is circulating around the gun-rights Internet, claiming that the Supreme Court’s decision […]

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The FBI is Going 9mm: Here Comes the Science

After the Miami Shootout in 1986, the FBI invented modern ammunition testing and led the law-enforcement movement to .40 caliber. The FBI is very conservative, and has one of the best ballistics labs in the world. With the amazing 21st-century advances in ammunition technology, many people have advocated a move back to 9mm. Recently, the […]

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Gun-mounted flashlights spark concerns in wake of accidental Denver police shootings

Denver’s police chief said Thursday he has ordered extra training and a review of department policies after the second accidental shooting by an officer this month and the fifth in a little over a year. Police are still investigating the latest shooting Sunday night, but at least two of the accidental shootings have been blamed […]

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Guns Don’t Kill People, Democrats Kill People

Headlines that blame a “gun culture” for the high rate of firearm- related homicides in the United States are not too difficult to locate (e.g., here, here, and here). The need to eliminate this “gun culture” is then used as justification for restriction of 2nd Amendment rights. What goes unmentioned about the so-called “gun culture” […]

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The Developing Saga of Cook County’s Gun-Totin’ Sheriff

Again, we doubt that Dart was threatened by anyone credible. Ed Burke wasn’t, but he still has a gun, too. One set of rules for them, and another for the serfs… The article also calls Dart a “former lawmaker,” meaning he has little (if any) law enforcement experience, but carries a gun simply because he’s […]

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One More Road-to-Hell Law in IL

A law that goes into effect Wednesday will require individual Illinois gun owners to check their buyer’s credentials with state police before transferring ownership of their weapons, but key details of the new process still haven’t been announced. Richard Pearson, executive director of the Illinois State Rifle Association, said Thursday that he was waiting to […]

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